[ipv6hackers] List of IPv6-only services?

Antonio M. Moreiras moreiras at nic.br
Sat Oct 27 01:42:16 CEST 2012

It's very very cool, Kevin, and I am choosing my tshirt to buy, but it
is yet a website to promote IPv6!

What I mean is that it is not advisible to create an IPv6 only website,
when there is IPv4 addresses available, at least if your business isn't
related to IPv6 promotion.

There will be enough IPv4 addresses available for Internet services for
some time. Who is going to suffer from the lack of addresses first are
the end users (and ISPs that connect them). The websites and other
Internet exposed services have to implement dual stack, right now, not
IPv6 only. This way they can be sure that either v4 or v6 users will
reach them the best way possible.

There is a telling saying that you can motivate a rabbit to run, because
of a carrot, in two ways. You can put the carrot in front of the rabbit,
and the rabbit will chase it. Or you can put the carrot behind the
rabbit. It will become worried of where the carrot can finish in, and it
will run from it.

For now, IPv6 motivation generally fits on the second case.


On 26-10-2012 20:03, Kevin Karp wrote:
> Hi Moreiras
>>I think that real ipv6-only websites and services are not to be seen in
> the short run.
> Hard to disagree. But someone has to do it.
>>Who would deploy such a service,
> IPv6Now is happy to do so. Please visit http://6only.6now.net!
>> and why?
> 1. To lead - especially when no others are doing so
> 2. To get attention
> 3. To make sales to the true believers
> 4. To make a profit (we have to live too)
> 5. To show we can
> 6. To measure the results
> 7. To be truly, wonderfully geeky
> 8. To be exclusive
> 9. Just for heck of it, and
> 10. To have some fun!
>> Just a small, very very small, percent of the Internet users would
> have access to it.
> A question for the list...
> Is this the first fully commercial web site that is:
> 1. a commercial purchase web site ONLY accessible from IPv6 and...
> 2. selling real genuine product only available from the v6 site?
> There are 2 criteria in that question. Both have to be met.
> I'm interested to find out if there are any others. I'd be surprised if
> we are the first.
>> The justification against this kind of providers is already out there:
> the lack of ipv4 addresses.
> Someone has to take the lead for others to follow. We're happy to be
> amongst the leaders.
> Are we on our own at this stage?
> Regards
> Kevin

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