[ipv6hackers] The state of IPv6 (pen)testing and the future

Sander Steffann sander at steffann.nl
Fri Jan 25 08:28:39 CET 2013


> FWIW, I've been playing with the idea of holding an ipv6hackers meeting
> next to the IETF meetings (a la IEPG). It doesn't necessarily need to be
> in the context of IETF meetings, but it might be a good idea to hae such
> a thing.
> I'm not thinking about a "conference", but rather about an informal
> meeting were people can show cool IPv6 stuff -- for the most part, point
> fingers at broken stuff, show tools, and discuss solutions to existing
> problems.
> If anyone is interested in pursuing this idea, please do let me know.

I'm interested, and Berlin would be a convenient city for me to come to :-)


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