[ipv6hackers] Question on DHCPv6 address assignment

Scott Hogg scott at hoggnet.com
Sat Feb 1 01:27:06 CET 2014

Yes, I believe it works just like DHCP for IPv4 in that respect.
However, each DHCPv6 server could be configured for different behavior for 
lease times, renewals, etc.
The ICMPv6 RA message would dictate that the clients perform stateful 
address assignment (DHCPv6), but a host could choose to ignore that 
recommendation and proceed with a static IPv6 address.
That is why DAD is important in all cases prior to assuming use of an IPv6 


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Hi, Scott,

On 01/31/2014 06:46 PM, Scott Hogg wrote:
> 1) To my knowledge, most DHCPv6 servers hand out randomized interface
> identifiers within the scope range.
> 2) Hosts typically renew their lease at 50% of the lease time.  If the
> lease time is one week, then, most hosts that are joined to the network
> regularly will renew their least at 3.5 days and keep a fairly stable
> address.

Same thing after boot-strapping? i.e., last-used address is renewed as
opposed to getting a new randomized address?

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