[ipv6hackers] Question on DHCPv6 address assignment

Mark ZZZ Smith markzzzsmith at yahoo.com.au
Sat Feb 1 03:57:42 CET 2014

Scott, what specific DHCPv6 server are you describing? You're using a lot of "believe", "to my knowledge", etc., which sounds a bit second hand. I think Fernando is after first hand experience and details of specific implementations.


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> Yes, I believe it works just like DHCP for IPv4 in that respect.
> However, each DHCPv6 server could be configured for different behavior for 
> lease times, renewals, etc.
> The ICMPv6 RA message would dictate that the clients perform stateful 
> address assignment (DHCPv6), but a host could choose to ignore that 
> recommendation and proceed with a static IPv6 address.
> That is why DAD is important in all cases prior to assuming use of an IPv6 
> address.
> Scott
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> Hi, Scott,
> On 01/31/2014 06:46 PM, Scott Hogg wrote:
>>  1) To my knowledge, most DHCPv6 servers hand out randomized interface
>>  identifiers within the scope range.
>>  2) Hosts typically renew their lease at 50% of the lease time.  If the
>>  lease time is one week, then, most hosts that are joined to the network
>>  regularly will renew their least at 3.5 days and keep a fairly stable
>>  address.
> Same thing after boot-strapping? i.e., last-used address is renewed as
> opposed to getting a new randomized address?
> Thanks!
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