[ipv6hackers] Progress on IPv6 Anti-SPAM Solutions?

James Small jim.small at mail.com
Thu Feb 13 04:41:47 CET 2014

Has there been progress in the commercial space on IPv6 anti-spam solutions?
There are certainly some commercial gateways that support IPv6 and IPv6 SMTP
but every vendor I've spoken with states that their address/reputation-based
filtering is a "work-in-progress."  My understanding is that > 80% of
blocked messages rely on this type of technology in IPv4, so it's absence in
IPv6 is a problem.  Furthermore, it seems like most "cloud" based SMTP
scrubbing services do not yet support IPv6 (I know there are a few).  When
discussing IPv6 and IPv6 security with organizations, this still seems like
a major weakness.


I know of the following:



(ideas to push authentication for v6)

spam_apricot_2012_1329718069.pdf (generic coverage of many of the issues for


I'm interested in any progress you know of in this area - especially
whitepapers, commercially viable solutions, success stories.






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