[ipv6hackers] IPv6 Addressing Plan Hints?

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Here is the BCOP for IPv6 Subnetting from NANOG


I tend to follow that. 

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Hello everybody,

our team is currently planning an IPv6 address scheme and would like to know if there are any guidelines and best practices out there?
- basic scheme for the subnet IDs, such as "site", "security-zone", "actual subnets", ...
- how do you allocate
"preserved" bits into the address scheme?
- does a worldwide company use
its single prefix and routes it through tunnels to other sites (bandwidth, latency, ...) or does it use different prefixes on every site? Or does it propagate subsets of its PI-space from different ASs?
Or from the same AS which is splitted?

Are there any guidelines for
handling the host IDs? Such as using a portion of the host ID for the "type of machine" such as router, server, firewall, etc.?

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