[ipv6hackers] RFC 6980 Testing

Marc Heuse mh at mh-sec.de
Sun Jun 25 18:19:06 CEST 2017


I just updated the thc-ipv6 repository on github to include the attack -
as it is working at least for FreeBSD and Windows that is already good
enough :) How about research on Linux and OS X?


Tools: fake_router26, flood_router26, fake_advertise6
Option: -F


On 24.06.2017 09:34, Enno Rey wrote:
> All,
> might be of interest for some of you: we just released test results as for the RFC 6980 stance of FreeBSD (10.3 an 11.0). see
> https://insinuator.net/2017/06/testing-rfc-6980-implementations-of-freebsd/
> This was a sequel from similar testing of Windows Server 2016/Windows 10:
> https://insinuator.net/2017/03/testing-rfc-6980-implementations-with-chiron/
> We plan to perform this for various Linux kernels soon, too.
> Everybody have a great weekend

Marc Heuse

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