[ipv6hackers] IPv6 configure HomeNet with multiple subnets

Holger von Rhein ipv6hackers at lortas.de
Sun Oct 22 17:03:51 CEST 2017

Hi all,

can someone point me to the right direction for the following problem:

I have an ISP which support native IPv4+IPv6. It provides IPv4+IPv6 addresses for the router and an IPv6 /48-prefix (yes not /64) to be used for the systems behind the ISP-router.
But, not only the IPv4 changes periodically. Also the IPv6 address and prefix changes periodically too. :-(
The ISP-Router is running FRITZ!OS 06.90 
I have attached to the ISP-Router a self-made Linux-Gateway. All sub-networks are connect to my Linux-Gateway.

IPv4 is running well in this setting. IPv4-NAT is done on the ISP-router.

But how do I handle the periodic changing IPv6 /48-prefix? As I have seen, I can only set "static" entries in radvd.

Is there something I am missing or does this setting not work with periodic changing IPv6 /48-prefix?
Is there some advertisement the ISP-Router is sending, I have to look for?

Kind Regards
Holger von Rhein

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