[ipv6hackers] IP protocol 41 feed

John Kristoff jtk at dataplane.org
Sat Dec 19 14:51:48 UTC 2020


Apologies if you've seen this from me already.  This information can be
considered safe for public dissemination.

I'd like to draw your attention to this post, which describes and links
to a new IP protocol 41 feed.   The proto41 feed identifies IPv4
addresses that have been identified as open IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel
relays.  This blog post has some more details and link to the feed:


I hope over the coming weeks the usual slew of data reporters and tools
that inject the DataPlane.org feeds will include this one as well.  So
hopefully most of you will be covered with this potential risk as any

I welcome questions and comments, but if an ask requires more than a
quick response in an IM, email, or tweet, I may be reluctant and slow to


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