[ipv6hackers] RFC 7112 style fragment handling of major OSs

Enno Rey erey at ernw.de
Thu Jan 30 02:52:33 CET 2020


I hope everybody is well.

RFC 8200 sect 4.5 contains a paragraph that mandates (well, with a 'should' in small letters as opposed to a RFC 2116 SHOULD in capitals, as in RFC 7112 sect. 5) for discarding IPv6 packets where the upper-layer header can't be found in the first fragment. I was wondering about the actual handling of current OSs, namely Linux. Before doing any practical testing I'm reaching out here:
- anybody familiar with how current Linux kernels handle? (bonus: pointers/links).
- same for (Free- or other) BSD?
- any others?

thanks in advance. Once I perform practical tests I will share the results here.



Enno Rey

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