[ipv6hackers] the end is near (or for IPv6: the beginning)

Henrik Lund Kramshøj hlk at kramse.org
Mon Dec 30 19:03:36 CET 2013

On 30/12/2013, at 12.32, Marc Heuse <mh at mh-sec.de> wrote:

> Hi guys,
Hi people

> as a fun thing I automatically watch ARINs announcements of IPv4 /8
> address space left.
saw the tweet with same info
> Begin of August they got down to the last 2 of /8, now they just got at 1.5
> At the current, expect that the last /8 is started to be handed out on
> the 20th May 2014 in North America, requiring everyone there to deploy
> IPv6 if they want/need more IPv4 addresses.
> Expect everyone in the USA to be totally surprised when this happens
> (like every year in Chicago in Winter when it starts snowing)  ;-)

first they will have an explosion of people buying IPv4
- we had a customer in DK paying $17 each for a /20 of IP space

the smartest people will have moved things already, and those not completely stupid will start beginning of 2014 to announce and use IPv6.

Lets hope this will push IPv6 usage up to a critical mass on the internet, so people will require it and require SLAs to cover it too.

BTW try writing IPv6 and talk bad about NAT on reddit - will get you downvotes immediately :-)

Best regards and a happy new year

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